Turkish Railways in June

Unfortunately, high speed train to Istanbul could not start service in May, as announced. The reason for postpone is announced to be thefts from construction sites. At least a postpone of one month is expected.

A new company, Global Multimodal is founded as merger of Global Shipping and Intermodal Logistics. The new-born company has announced extension of current container lines between Turkey and Europe via Constanta.

Rail Turkey is starting to announce the recruitments in railway logistics in Turkey beginning with this month. Metin Elbeyli, former Director of International Services in Horoz Logistics has just started in Global Multimodal as Head of Business Development. We wish him good luck.

Rail Turkey has started a collaboration with National Business Academy. The outcome will be announced within this week.

DTD has organized a seminar about combined transport and transportation of dangerous goods by railway. Seminar is on 21st of June, details at http://www.dtd.org.tr.

A commercial website in Turkey is continiously copying Rail Turkey’s posts in spite of our many attemps (5 posts are copied until now, 3 of them are deleted by our attemps). We managed to stop unauthorised material in its USA-hosted websites. Unfortunately, it’s not so quick to do same in Turkey. The sad thing is that, the owner of this website is a railway professional too.

Rail Turkey continued its growth in May as well, and visited more than 8500 times in May.

We wish all Rail Turkey readers a pleasent month.


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