272 - Ankara M1 Metro - EGOUrban Transport

Urban transport by rail in Ankara


Annual ridership in rail systems are as follows (million passengers):

2015 2016 2017
Suburban Other rail systems Suburban Other rail systems Suburban Other rail systems
11.1 106.3 5.5 117 0 131.28
Rolling stock fleet

Ankara has the second biggest rolling stock fleet of Turkey. Together with the 324-metro-cars order which is almost completed, the fleet will soon reach to 601.

  • 96 Hyundai Rotem cars
  • 432 metro cars (108 Bombardier, 324 CRRC)
  • 33 Ansaldo Breda cars
New Projects

Two metro extension projects continue in Ankara.

  • M4 – Akm-Kızılay (Extension) metro: This project will connect M4 line to Ankara main train station and Kızılay.
  • A1 – Aşti-Söğütözü (Ankaray extension): The project connecting Ankaray to M2 line.

There’s another rail project of 25.3 km long, connecting Esenboga Airport to M4 metro line where preliminary analysis continue.

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  1. This information also obsolete. the M4 have been opened since last January, you should update it


    • Hi. This page has information as of May 2016, as stated. Comments are also a part of page information, so thank you for your update. We’ll try to update the page hopefully soon. 🙂


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