Rail Turkey Ads Kicked Off

Having the target of being leading resource about railway in Turkey, Rail Turkey now opens another section: Rail Turkey Ads.

Rail Turkey Ads brings together the ones who want to introduce their products and services with the ones who want to get information about them..

Rail Turkey Ads covers the agenda of railway, this time from the suppliers’ point of view..

Rail Turkey Ads provides a dynamic platform to all railway companies, institutions and professionals to present  their services and products in the way they want..

Rail Turkey Ads introduces new generation advertisements where the ad itself is willing to be read and watched..

Rail Turkey Ads opens its doors to all players in railway industry, the companies with giant budgets, fast developing “small” companies, new-starters and individual entrepreneurs..


2 thoughts on “Rail Turkey Ads Kicked Off

  1. Just a comment. I think that the picture above is good (a TCDD passenger car divided into four different squares, each with a separate colour) BUT using a car covered in graffiti is not a good image/message.

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