Konya-Karaman service to start next month

Konya-Karaman passenger service will restart in February.

The service had stopped due to construction works to upgrade the line for extending the high speed  service to Karaman. The first phase of the construction works, ground works and double-track laying are expected to be completed next month. DMU service between Konya and Karaman and main line services via this section will restart again.

High speed train service should wait for the completion of electrification and signalization. Some of Istanbul-Konya and Ankara-Konya high speed train services are planned to extend to Karaman.

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  1. It seems the estimate of February for resuming these services was a little optimistic. The TCDD ticketing website is showing buses still operating between Konya and Karaman for the first week of March. We await the announcement of when services will resume, and indeed what the services will be.

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