836 - Samsun Tramvay - Samsun BelediyesiUrban Transport

Urban transport by rail in Samsun


Annual ridership in rail systems are as follows (million passengers):

2015 2016 2017
17.42 18.2 18.95
Rolling stock fleet

The tram fleet had been extended two times in Samsun, due to extension of tram network and increasing ridership.

  • 29 tram sets (5 CRRC, 16 Ansaldo Breda, 8 Durmazlar)
New Projects

Engineering works continue to extend the tram line 6 km into university campus area.

  • Kampüs extension: Line is planned to be commissioned by the end of 2018.

There are plans to extend the tram line in both eastward and westward directions.

  • Universite-Taflan extension: Engineering works have not started yet.
  • Tekkeköy-Airport extension: This is the second phase of Samsun train station-Airport extension. The first phase (Train station-Tekkeköy) was commissioned in 2017.
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