841 - E68000s at Pendik - SteveRolling Stock

What will be the new locomotives of Turkey?


Engineering works started for the first locally produced main line electric loco where design and licence will belong to Tülomsas: E5000. A special team of 162 staff is working on that, and is expected to be ready in 4 years. If succeeded, TCDD Tasimacilik will buy 20 of them in first year.


Though not even one foreign loco has started working on Turkish netwlork, Siemens had brought its electric loco, Vectron, to Turkey and it was used by TCDD for one year. Siemens has the advantage of being leading supplier of global loco rental companies which are planning to start operation in Turkey.


Bombardier’s Traxx which is widely used in Europe has not entered Turkish market yet. Once one Traxx has entered Turkey with the motto “One loco from Europe to Turkey”, but traction was done by TCDD loco due to regulations. Traxx is also found in fleets of global loco rental companies.


CRRC’s loco which is meeting TSI conditions and was delivered to Serbia last year will most probably be brought to Turkey as well. Chinese company has already declared production of locos in Turkey. The price of this loco is much less than Vectron and Traxx.

Cover Photo: Steve Hobson ©

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