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How to get to new airport of Istanbul?

Istanbul’s new airport started service on 29th of October.

The new airport of Istanbul, Istanbul airport, was commissioned and started commercial service on 29th of October, 2018. Some of the flights transferred to new airport. On 6th of April 2019, all flights to/from Yesilkoy Ataturk airport will be transferred to new airport.

Istanbul airport is 50 km away from Old City (Sirkeci) and 65 km from Kadikoy (Asian side).

Currently, 2 metro connections to Istanbul airport are under construction. First is Mecidiyekoy-Airport metro. The metro line is expected to be ready in 2020.

The other metro line is Halkali-Airport metro, which will start from the main Marmaray station on west. The target commission date for this metro is 2021.

Istanbul Airport will also be connected to Halkali and Sabiha Gokcen (the other airport in Asian side) by a new high speed line in the future. The construction has not started yet.

Yet, only public transport to Istanbul Airport is by bus.

Public buses give service in 5 routes in European site (August 2019).

Airport shuttles are departing from/calling at 47 points in 12 routes (August 2019).

All buses depart from the -2nd floor at the airport. Istanbulkart and debit/credit cards can be used for payment. You can buy Istanbulkart at same floor through ticket machines (yellow or blue). For public buses, only Istanbulkart can be used, debit/credit cards cannot.

The departure points, timetables and public transport connections of airport shuttles are as follows:

Airport shuttles from European side

Public buses from European side

Airport shuttles from Asian side

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  1. how much does yellow taxis charge from Istanbul Airport to Umraniye approximately?. Can I pay the taxi driver a fixed price or do they run on meters in which case they could cheat and take me to unnecessary longer route. Please advise.


  2. Hi.
    1- Where is this bus station in the airport and how can i find them??
    2- what is the timetable for the new airport to taksim square station?


  3. Hello!
    Thanks for the summary.
    Where can I see the duration of the rides? Nothing here and nothing even on the official website (( So i.e. Airport – Yenikapi? I understand that bus ride depends on traffic but there must be some estimation?


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