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How to get to high speed train stations in Istanbul?

It becomes very easy to reach to high speed train in Istanbul.

Here are simplest ways to go to closest high speed train station by public transport from touristic/commercial points of Istanbul:

Istanbul YHT
HST stations in Istanbul

Istanbul Airport
Sabiha Gökcen Airport

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  1. I think the metro from Taksim to Yenikapı is M2, not M1 as you wrote on the Taksim page.

  2. Am I correct to take Marmaray from Sirkeci station to Sogutlucesme and connect to HST ? Will it be the same building? or need to walk for long time?

    • Hello Mihai,

      I can’t fully answer this question, but I’d like to extend it.

      There is no rail line to Antalya, but you can take the YHT from Söğütlüçeşme station in Istanbul to Konya and the connecting bus from there to Antalya. There seem to be two connections each day – look at the last table in this document: http://www.tcddtasimacilik.gov.tr/files/3/yolcu/19_05_2019_yht_tren_otobus_baglantilari.pdf

      I’m not sure though how reliable the first connection is where the train is scheduled to arrive at 17.15 and the bus is supposed to leave at 17.30, or whether the bus waits for the train in case of a delay (and otherwise, what your rights are if the train is delayed). I’m also not completely sure whether the new station in Konya has been inaugurated now and, if so, whether the busses have moved over. And finally, according to the RailTurkey page about Konya station, it should be possible to connect from the first Istanbul-Konya YHT (arriving at 12.02) onto a bus to Antalya (leaving at 13.30), so I’m wondering why this connection is not mentioned in the table by TCDDT.
      Perhaps Onur knows more?

    • Very good extension indeed. For the mentioned connections at TCDDT links, bus waits for train, unless there’s a big delay. You don’t buy bus ticket from the beginning, so no right. New station is not opened yet, but bus will depart grom new one when opened. 13:30 is a good suggestion.

  3. very useful information! Thank you for that
    Where can i buy a bus ticket (MR60) and what is the average price?

    • Hello Admin, I need some information.

      What’s the best mode of transportation (after 7.00 PM) from Atatürk Airport to Sultanahmet?

      How much does it cost to hire a Taxi from Airport to Sultanahmet?

      What would be the travel time?

      Is debit/credit card must?

      How can I travel from Sultanahmet to Ephesus?

      Thanks in advance.

  4. I intend to travel with my family. 2. Adult. 3 childrwn. 4,7,8 years old.
    How can i go to konya from Istanbul airport.

  5. Hi, can I get a taxi from Istanbul airport to Söğütlüçeşme railway station? How long does it usually take? How much will that be? Thanks.

  6. Hi there,

    I need to know which high speed train station (travelling to Konya) is closest to one, Istanbul Airport and two, to the central hotel in which we’ll be staying right next to Haga Sophia upon our return from Konya.

    Any help much appreciated.

  7. Hi there,

    I need to know which high speed train station (travelling to Konya) is closest to one, Istanbul Airport and two, to the central hotel in which we’ll be staying right next to Haga Sophia upon our return from Konya.

    Any help much appreciated.

    • Sogutlucesme is the best station to go from airport. Though it is in other side of Istanbul. 3 of 4 trains to Konya departs from Sogutlucesme and even for that one train departing from European side, you’ll have 55 min extra time to reach. For your hotel, I’d suggest to get off the train again at Sofutlucesme (last station of 3 of 4 trains from Konya), take Marmaray from next platform in Halkali direction, get off at Sirkeci (3rd stop after Sogutlucesme), then walk or take tram to yor hotel.

  8. hi i need to get to konya from istanbul im staying in sultanahmet. where is the nearest high speed train station please thanks

    • Best is Sogutlucesme in Asian side, where more trains depart compare to European side. Take Marmaray to get to Sogutlucesme from Sirkeci.

  9. Hello,

    My parents and I are planning to go to Konya on August 19th from Istanbul. We would like to buy train ticket from 19th until 21st (August), but it says unavailable.
    Can we buy the train tickets on 15th when we arrive? Or is that too late? Thank you!

    • Thank you very much.
      I will try again in a few days.
      Do you know any agencies that may sell/book them? I would love to be able to book the tickets.

    • Did you manage to book? I’m also trying to book return Istanbul Konya high speed train tickets for September but in spite of downloading the official high speed train app haven’t been able to. (I put in the dates, number of passengers only to get told that my request can’t be met.)

    • I haven’t yet. But yes, it seems to be sold 15 days before the departure… So, I’ll have to wait a few days.

    • I am trying to book for Istanbul-Konya, but it needs a telephone number. I cannot put my own cell phone number, because I cannot change the prefix and it starts with 05.. what should I do?

    • Oh 😦 And I guess I can’t just put in a fake number… This is so frustrating, but thank you!

    • You can, but there’s a risk that your travel data is sent to a person you don’t know. Stupid but true. Think of using a safe number. I’d prefer not to write directly. 🙂

    • I’m not sure what a safe number would be, but thank you.

    • Ah, thank you!
      I guess I’ll have to go with a travel agent too.

    • Thank you for your help. I may look into it. Would that be safe? Won’t they have all the passport numbers along with the details of credit card?
      I wonder what people with no Turkish cell phone do.

    • Maybe it’s better to use agency, rather than looking for workaround. Check acenta (agency) in Tcddt website.

    • I am looking at the list of agencies now. I will be staying very close to Topkapi palace. Can you please give me an agency that is close by? Thank you!

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