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How will be the travel by Baku train?

More details about Baku-Ankara train which will start service in August are unveiled.

One sleeper of Baku train, which was produced by Stadler for Azerbaijan Railways (ADY) was unveiled in Innotrans 2016. The full set of 10 coaches has recently been permitted first time for taking photos at Baku. Here are photos and details from inside:

Economy class cabins

A very big part of the total capacity of Baku-Ankara train is economy class cabins.

Ekonomi kabin - ADY
Baku train – Economy class

Economy class cabins have 4 seats. Cabins have wifi access, reading lams and electric plugs for each passenger. Kabinde 4 koltuk bulunuyor. Cabin has double deck berths in two sides for night.

There are 53 economy class cabins in the train.

There are two WCs and one shower in each coach for economy class passengers.

The train fare between Baku and Ankara is expected to be around 350 TL/100 Manat/50 Euro per passenger for economy class.

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  1. Por favor necesito saber si el tren tiene literas y también los horarios quisiera para el 1ro de octubre mi ruta Estambul capadocia…gracias


  2. Please can you tell me when the train form Ankara to Baku will start? I am planning to have a trip on August, but do you know the exact time of its opening? Thanks


  3. We travel from France by bike and we would like come back in ankara with this train… is it working?


  4. Thank you Onur for your answer! As we Don t have so much time to wait this train work, we are going to kars by bike! So, can we take the train from Kars to Ankara with our bikes? There is place most of the time or train is full all the time? Thanks for advices!


    • You’re welcome. Bikes accepted if luggage car exists in train. I don’t think Kars trains have as standard. Station ticket office is the right place to ask.


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