Business Opportunities

We are getting a lot of mails from Turkish and foreign companies offering their products/services or seeking for cooperation in Turkey.

What we know is limited with what they’ve written on mail in most of the cases, since we didn’t dig it. However that product/service may mean a lot for anyone else.

So we decided to share these offers with Rail Turkey supporters.

Business Opportunities

A European company supplies TBTC/CBTC systems for railway. (more…)

TBTC/CBTC systems

An Asian agent company brings together the railway construction companies in Turkey with companies in Asia, providing EPC and finance solutions. (more…)

EPC + finance

A European company produces test systems is looking for a distributor in Turkey. (more…)

Test systems

An Asian company provides service from China to Central Asia. (more…)

China-Central Asia service

A European company requests transport from Shenzhen to Munich. (more…)

Load from Shenzen to Munich

A Turkish company requests transport from Bozuyuk to Batman. (more…)

Load from Bozuyuk to Batman

An Asian logistic service provider is looking for agent in Turkey. (more…)

Agent in Turkey

An Asian company producer of railway fittings/fastening items is looking for representetive in Turkey. (more…)

Representative in Turkey

A European company requests transport of dangerous good from Turkey to UK. (more…)

Dangerous goods from Turkey to UK

A Middle Eastern company works on transport of base oil from Iran to Turkey and needs help in Turkey. (more…)

Base oil from Iran to Turkey

A Turkish company provides service to Iraq and Middle East from Turkey. (more…)

Turkey-Middle East service

A European company produces wooden railway sleepers. (more…)

Wooden railway sleepers

A European company requests information about trains to Europe and CIS countries via Turkey. (more…)

Trains between Europe and CIS countries via Turkey

A European company requests consulting about supply of railcar parts in Turkey. (more…)

Consulting for railcar parts

A Middle Eastern company is looking for partner for maintanance of all type of railcars (locos, coaches, freight wagons) and rails in the country. (more…)

Maintanance of railcars

An Asian company supplies hot dip galvanized products. (more…)

Hot dip galvanized products

A European producer seeks investors to produce composite sleepers in Turkey. (more…)

Composite sleepers

An Iranian company provides terminal service at Iran-Turkey border. (more…)

Terminal service in Iran

A European company wants to rent 25 Ha type wagons. (more…)

Ha wagons

A Turkish company provides solutions for landsliding. (more…)


An agent from Middle East requests partner for operation and maintanance of metro. (more…)

Operation and maintanance of metro

A Middle Eastern company provides logistics service to Middle East and Central Asia. (more…)

Service to Middle East and Central Asia

An Asian company produces locomotive and wagon parts. (more…)

Railcar parts

A Middle Eastern company requests service for transport of break bulk and containers from Iran port to Central Asia. (more…)

Load from Iran port to Central Asia