Media Partnership

We’d like to keep our readers informed about railway events. Thus, there is even a completely free way to announce a railway event in Rail Turkey.

But we can do more..

We can use a number of tools to cover more professionals who may be interested in the event. Here are three options for choosing Rail Turkey as media partner:

Free Standard Premium
Fee (18% VAT included) € 500 € 1000
Announcement Yes Yes Yes
Letter to contacts No Once Twice
News before event Yes Yes Yes
News after event Yes Yes Yes
Editorial support No Yes Yes
Translation support No Yes Yes
Social media Yes Yes Yes
Rail Turkey Mag No Yes No
Special Edition No No Yes
WordPress commercials Maybe No No
Free ticket Free entrance for Editor of Rail Turkey
Rail Turkey Logo Logo at official website of the event
  • Announcement: A post to announce the event, prepared by even organizer, will be published in Rail Turkey. It will stay at headline (top 6 boxes) of Rail Turkey for 15 days.
  • Letter to contacts: Letter about the event, prepared by client, will be sent to all Rail Turkey contacts (1000+ contacts)
  • News before event: A post about the event a week before the event to remind professionals, prepared by us. The event will stay at headline until event.
  • News after event: A post about the event within the week after event, prepared by us.
  • Editorial support: We come with suggestions and ideas for the contents of the posts and letter(s).
  • Translation support: We do translations of posts and letters from English to Turkish or vice versa.
  • Social media: Announcement and news are posted in social media accounts of Rail Turkey (2500+ followers)
  • Rail Turkey Mag: Link to the event will be placed in first Rail Turkey Mag (1000+ circulation).
  • Special Edition: A special edition of Rail Turkey Mag will be prepared by us, one page with links to posts about event, related articles about topic and pages of event’s official website (1000+ circulation).
  • WordPress commercials: This commercials are determined and managed by WordPress as a cost of free hosting and seen at the bottom of post.

Interested? Contact us right now.