Rolling stock maintanance/repair personnel

Personnel specialized in maintanance and repair of rolling stock (locomotives, passenger and freight wagons, trams and metros):

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# Location Status Working Year Additional Info
27 İstanbul Employed 32 Mechanical engineer
30 Gaziantep Employed 15 2 years experience in repair/maintanance of Rouen and Duewag trams.
36 Switzerland
37 Ankara
52 Unemployed 2 Electric technician
59 İstanbul Employed 33 Inspection of freight and passenger wagons, final control of loaded wagons, maintanance of freight wagons
66 Balıkesir Employed 5 welding and cutting
67 Erzincan
71 İzmir Unemployed 0.5
72 Ankara Unemployed 37 Manufacture, maintanance and modernization of wagons.
78 İstanbul Employed 17 Has worked 16 years in electronics, satellite, GSM and wireless communication, in Turkcell, Vestel and Dexar. Has been working in maintanance and test team of a subcontractor of a Korean company.
80 Sivas Student Studying rail systems operations
93 İzmir Employed 14 Root updating, train control systems
94 İzmir Employed 7 Wheel, engine, gear box repair
105 İzmir Employed 19 Maintanance, repair, welding
108 Eskişehir Employed 11 Loco cabin and engine maintanance, repair, revision
110 İzmir Employed 6 Technical maintanance, wheels, bogie test, door maintanance
111 İzmir Employed 15 Technician, tests, procedures
112 İzmir Employed 13 Maintanance, repair
113 İzmir Employed 11 Technician, maintanance
123 İzmir Employed 10 Maintanance of E22100
126 İzmir Employed 8 Train control systems
129 İzmir Employed 6 Maintanance technician
130 İzmir Employed 12 Maintanance of E22000/E22100

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