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We’d like to help you for your questions about train travel.

Please keep in mind that we are not a call center working for TCDD Tasimacilik or any other operator, and we cannot help you for ticketing or reservation problems.

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  1. Is it possible to take a roundtrip trip by train from Izmir to Konya In June?

    • Konya Mavi is a overnight train between Konya and Izmir. Train will most probably start by June, but not clear yet. Most of the trains are not running due to covid for now.

  2. Please if anyone can help it’s very important , i forgot my bag in the yellow locker from few years and I’m trying to contact anyone works there just to make sure if there is a special service or department for lost bags , please if anyone can help just contact me

    • Intercity trains except HSTs are suspended due to covid. No train transport between Istanbul and Adana for now.

  3. Hi. I’d like to travel from Istanbul to Kars with a bicycle. Is it possible to take it on the train?

    Maciej from Poland

    • Bicycles are allowed only in trains with separate luggage wagon or hanging equipment. You need to check when buying ticket. However, main line trains are still sıspended due to covid.

    • Thank you. How can I find out if there are any buses going from Sofia (Bulgaria) to Istanbul? Is there any websites for buses similar to this website?

    • Optima Express Villach – Edirne is starting from June 26th (from Villach).

    • Thank you. I keep checking back but was hoping someone might know something that hasn’t been posted yet. Was originally planning on taking it on a trip over last September which didn’t happen and was hoping that perhaps it would be running by this September.

  4. Hello, are the trains from Izmir to Konya working now? I cannot find them on TCDD.

    • Yes, she can. Only children upto 12 years old should be accompanied. If you/she informs staff, I’m sure they’ll keep eyes on her. Note that Sofia Express is suspended due to Covid-19.

  5. Can a 13 year old girl travel alone on the train from istanbul to sofia?

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