Train stories

Train stories
Photo: Globetrotter Guru

Brave the train to Sofia

Last night, I decided to brave the train from Istanbul to Sofia in Bulgaria. It was supposed to be an overnight sleeper, but I learnt online that the engineering works in Bulgaria are causing disruption and resulting in rail replacement buses.

Amy, Globetrotter Guru, 2015
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Train stories
Photo: Taylor Davidson

The incredible bouncing

The incredible bouncing, causing me to doubt my incredible ability to sleep anywhere, anytime; the incessant staccato of metal on metal, ten muddled minutes spent searching for its source, solved with a simple jam of my shoe into a tight spot; forty-five minutes standing in line in the wee hours of the new day waiting for an exit stamp from Turkey; followed shortly by the knocks of “passport control” on the train’s sleeping compartment doors, re-awakening the half-asleep inhabitants;

Taylor Davidson, Taylor Davidson, 2009
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Excellent service at business class

For very good price you can get ticket for business class and have excellent service on board that includes free drink and lunch.

Dusko, 2015
Train stories
Photo: Polka Magazine

Asylum seekers

With very few exceptions, almost all of the passengers were either asylum seekers or families of those who had previously escaped the country.

Kiana Hayeri, Polka Magazine, 2013
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Smooth ride

The train was full and after a while, the train got up to 250 kph. It was a smooth ride and was just like most other high speed trains in Europe.

Ray Perry, Ray’s Retirement, 2015
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