What’s new?

Rail Turkey introduces new features in its 5th year.

A new look

As you may realized, we have a new look. You’ll now see highlights on front page, rather than the latest articles.

Rail Turkey speaks now Chinese, Spanish, German

Now you can read Rail Turkey in your native language. Supported by Google Translate, translation is available at English pages of Rail Turkey. Open a post in Rail Turkey (in English), select the language you want and enjoy reading Rail Turkey in your native language.

Rail Turkey Travel for unforgettable train journeys

All trains, timetables, major stations, touristic routes, rules and conditions.. Everything about train travel in Turkey is at Rail Turkey.

Railway Library will ease your life

Making research in Rail Turkey, accessing price tables, discounts, tariffs, statistics, reports.. All in Rail Turkey Railway Library.

Railway specialist database

Private companies from Turkey and abroad will soon enter Turkish railway market. New operators, new lines, new projects.. All should be done by experienced specialists. Add yourself to our database, and we help bringing you and companies together.