Travel by train

Traveling by train in Turkey is an adventure, offering many options including high speed trains, overnight trains with comfortable sleepers, long-distance trains through amazing landscapes, old diesel trains sound of which you will never forget and mixed trains where you’ll sometimes stop in the middle of nowhere and listen to the sound of silence.

Similar to Turkey, a mixture of modern and traditional, train travel in Turkey offers you many contemporary practices in addition to experiences that you wouldn’t see in any other country.

All passenger trains are operated by TCDD (State Railways). Modern high speed trains, long distance trains which are out similar to worldwide trends and regional trains some of which are the leading transport modal on their routes vary much in terms of rules, options and usage.

Online tickets are possible for some of trains, where ticket offices at stations are the only place for some other. Promotions, refunding, cancelling, discounts are available.

Many civilizations were founded in Anatolia. Thus, it’s possible to see many touristic and historic places all around Turkey. Some of them has direct rail access, and many others can be accessed by rail + bus.

Best thing about train travel is the memories. You’ll enjoy reading blogs of travelers who rode on Turkish trains.

It’s not easy to reach to information about trains in Turkey, especially in English.  Here below is the section for questions from travelers and the answers: