Türkiye 10 bin kilometrenin üzerinde bir demiryolu ağına sahip. Büyük bir kısmında tek hat işletmeciliği yapılan konvansiyonel ağın yanı sıra çift hatlı hızlı tren ağı da genişlemekte.

High speed trains have become very popular in recent years. HSTs are giving service with a speed upto 250 km/h on 4 routes.

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Main line trains are long distance trains no routes upto 1400 km long. Overnight trains are very popular in Turkey, tickets are sold out very quickly.

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Regional trains are giving service between neighbour cities and towns, reaching to several destinations that cannot be reached by main line trains.

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There are very few international train services between Turkey and other countries.

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Suburban trains are giving service in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara. They are well integrated with other modals and being used very effectively.

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Though they are slow and become less and less in Turkey and whole world, long distance trains offer a very comfortable and pleasent way of travel especially with sleepers, couchettes and dining cars.