Here below are the statistics of Rail Turkey in 2019*:

178k monthly visits

Rail Turkey has been visited 178k times in average every month. This is a 69% increase compared to previous year.

Visited 2.13 million times in 2019

Total number of visits is over 3 million by the end of 2018 in almost 6 years. By 2019, this number reached to 5.5 million.

Page views by years

World follows Turkish railways via Rail Turkey

English pages of Rail Turkey were read 460k times in 2019, 49% increase compared to previous year.

We had about 365k visitors from 5 continents. World followed Turkish railways via Rail Turkey.

Page views out of Turkey

How people find Rail Turkey?

More than half of our readers found Rail Turkey via Google. For many key word searches about railways in Turkish and English, Rail Turkey is listed in first page.

Twitter and Facebook are coming after Google, 10k visitors from each.

* All statistics are WordPress-proven