Toros surprise

Toros Express has restarted service after a long suspension.

While HSTs started to run on Konya-Karaman line after a ceremony held yesterday, TCDDT started an unexpected service using this line. Toros Express (Taurus Express) which had been giving service between Adana and Konya, was suspended due to pandemic, did not restart with many others in summer, has now restarted its service.

Train will give a daily service in both directions and it’ll last about 6.5 hours between Konya and Adana. The departure times are as follows:

Toros Express timetable

Train only has standard coaches with 2+1 seat design. The train fare is 36 TL per person.

Toros Express details and detailed timetable

Cover photo: TCDD Taşımacılık ©

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  1. The most interesting section is that from Elazig to Tatvan, which is covered in daylight by the Vangolu Express, which is my recommended way of making this trip.
    Here the train follows the river valleys, and in recent years whole new sections of railway have been built because the river has been dammed in several places, causing the water levels to rise to flood the old alignment (and surrounding villages).
    The local trains don’t run every day – only 3 days per week in each direction. They used to be magnificent long and heavy mixed trains, i.e. a couple of passenger carriages tacked on the front of a long freight train. Often 3 or 4 locos would be involved in the trip, with banking locos employed at some locations, and loco changes en route. Alas the local train no longer run as mixed trains, so some of the entertainment is lost.


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