From the very beginning, we do care for copyrights.

We were asked many times, none of the articles in Rail Turkey is copied from any other source. 100% are prepared by the editor or by the railway professionals willing to share his/her knowledge and experience.

If we want to share something published before, we just prepare a short summary and give link to that article.

If we use a “comment” of someone, we either take his/her approval, or give the link that comment is written.

If we use a photo not belongs to us, it surely belongs to someone we requested permission, or it is already permitted for such uses. In any case we mention where we get it from.

Each article in Rail Turkey means hours of work. That’s why titles always reflect its content, contents are objective and based on confirmed information as possible. Because of this fact, copying of the articles without the permission of editor of Rail Turkey, is not only against law but also disrespect to our work.

Rail Turkey has an objective of sharing the information which is hard to reach in Turkey.

Of course, any information, a part of the articles or pictures which are owned by Rail Turkey, unless specified otherwise, can be used provided that full and clear credit is given to Rail Turkey with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. We’ll be glad and honoured with that.

On the other hand, usage of all materials that are not owned by Rail Turkey is subject to the permission of owner, which is always mentioned with the articles and pictures.

We thank you for your respect to copyrights.