Questions from travelers

We’d like to help you for your questions about train travel.

Please keep in mind that we are not a call center working for TCDD Tasimacilik or any other operator, and we cannot help you for ticketing or reservation problems.

You can write your question at the bottom of this page, in “questions/comments” box.

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  1. Thank you Onur. I may have the same debit/credit card problems online / through the app – even when in Turkiye – so I’ll phone when in Istanbul or go to Sirkeci Station. Your advice on this chat line and your journal articles have been very valuable for our planning! Well done.

    • If I board in Turkey and I get down in Austria do I require transit visa for all the countries that the train passes through? I have Turkish and Schengen visas.

    • You need to check for each country you are passing through if each requests visa for your passport.

  2. Hello. Is it possible to catch the HST train from Sogutlucesme train station to Izmit train station, get off for a couple of hours and catch HST back to Sogutlucesme train station

  3. Any hints of news of the Ankara/Baku service starting ,? The purpose built Swiss carriages – what have they been doing since 2019?

    • Azerbaycan has still all its borders closed. It is impossible/forbidden to travel to Azerbaycan by land.

  4. hello can you buy tickets on the day at istanbul Station? are kids welcome for the business class


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