Tickets and reservation

Reservation and ticketing changes up to train types in Turkey.

Ticket sales

It’s possible to buy tickets online for all high speed trains and main line trains. On the other hand, tickets of only very few regional trains and none of the international trains can be bought via internet. The online tickets can be bought via TCDD Tasimacilik’s system EYBİS.

Other channels for tickets are as follows:

  • Call center (444 82 33) : You can buy tickets which are available online, also via call center.  English-speaking staff is available. Calling with country code (+90) is not possible.
  • Train stations: Most of the train stations have ticket offices.
  • Post offices: Click for post offices where you can buy train tickets.
  • Agencies: Click for tourism agencies which are authorized for train ticket sales.

High speed trains are on sale 15 days prior to departure, main lines 30 days and international trains 60 days.

Regional train tickets, with a few exceptions, are valid only on the day of purchase.

Ticket sales continue at stations until 5 minutes before departure. 

It’s possible to pay with credit card.

WhatsApp support line: +90 (507) 321 82 33


It’s possible to make online reservation for the tickets which are sold online.

When you make reservation through EYBİS, systems gives to option upto 5 days and PNR number. You can change your reservation to ticket within given time using your PNR number. 


If you have e-ticket (if you buy your ticket via internet, mobile or call center), it’s enough to show ID at train. SMS or printed ticket can also be used.

E-tickets are on sale until 15 minutes before departure.

Validity and seat numbers

High speed and main line train tickets are valid only for the given date, train, wagon and seat number.  

In regional trains, there’s no seat reservation, and ticket is only valid on the day of sale. In some routes, trains are full and you may have to travel on foot.


Change/refund policy is as follows:

In HST tickets, max 3 change is possible. Refund is possible only if you buy “flexible ticket” by paying more.

In main line train tickets, max 3 change and/or refund is possible.

In regional trains, change or refund is not allowed.

Change/refund, if permitted, can be done 30 minutes prior to departure (15 minutes at departure station).

Refund, if permitted, is paid back with %10 cut before departure date and 20% cut on the day of departure.

In case of missing connected trains due to TCDD trains, change/refund is accepted in all types of trains with no cuts.


TCDD Tasimacilik offers discount for:

  • Return tickets
  • Children, youth and senior
  • Groups
  • Press

Children upto 6 years old are free of charge provided that no seat is requested.

Click for discount rates and details.

Gender declaration

You need to declare your gender on buying the ticket. In case of wrong declaration, you may be forced to change seat, pay additional fare or take off the train.

TCDDT system does not allow different genders to sit next to each other or in same compartment unless tickets are bought together.

Travel passes

TCDD offers also travel passes (TrenKart) for frequent-travelers. There are three types of travel passes: Abonman, binis paketi and gezgin paketi:

  • Abonman is for travellers who are travelling between two stations by main line/regional trains on daily basis (like for going to work everyday).
  • Binis paketi is for travellers who are travelling between two stations by high speed trains very frequently (at least 5 times in 2 months).
  • Gezgin paketi is for travellers who’d like to travel in all trains of Turkey during 15 or 30 days. This pass is not for sale as of Oct 2019.

Read more about TCDD travel passes.