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Everything you want to know about TrenKart

TCDD announced new traveler card for passengers frequently using trains. Here are details of TrenKart which allows you travel with discounted fares:

Gezgin Paketi is still not on sale as of August 2017.

What is TrenKart?

TrenKart is a travel card where you can load different packages. You have your photo and customer number on it. You can buy train tickets with discounted fares or free of charge depending on your package.

How can I buy TrenKart?

First, you need to apply for TrenKart from one of the given TCDD stations. Have your ID/Passport with you. All stations will be able to take your photo in the future, but you better have one with you for now.

Will I get my card right there?

Not possible for now. But you’ll be able to do everything with your ID and member number until you get the card.

Can I apply at any train station?

Only at some of the train stations (click for map of stations TrenKart is on sale). However, some stations with no train traffic like Haydarpasa cannot sell TrenKart although they are in the list.

Can I buy it on-line?

No. TrenKart and the package must be bought from the stations. After buying your card and package, you can get your tickets on-line.

What kind of packages are there?

There are 3 different packages:

Abonman Paketi: You can travel between two stations you select by main line and/or regional trains during one month, max one roundtrip a day.

Binis Paketi: You can travel between two stations you select by high speed train during 60 days, as many as you bought. There are 5-10-15-20-30 one-way-ride cards.

Gezgin Paketi : You can travel on any route by any train during time period you selected (15-30 days). Gezgin Paketi is not on sale yet.

How can I load the packages to my card?

You need to buy packages from the same stations where TrenKart is sold.

Can I travel without buying ticket?

You need to buy a ticket for main line and high speed trains. You pay double-fare otherwise. Only exception is that ticket office in the station you get in is closed. You can buy your ticket from internet.

There’s no need of buying ticket beforehand in regional trains.

I bought my package. How can I buy train ticket on-line?

Sign in to EYBIS with your member number. Select your train. While seat selection, click “Use Abonman” on the left of row. The fare will be seen based on your package.

Any limitation?

You need to start using your package within 7 days after you buy it. And you can travel only one roundtrip a day.

I have “Gezgin Paketi”. May I travel in sleepers?

Gezgin Paketi allows you travel in standard (pulman) and couchette wagons. If you don’t want to pay additional fare for sleeper, you need to buy Gezgin Plus Paketi.

I have “Gezgin Paketi”. May I travel in business class of high speed trains?

Gezgin Paketi allows you travel in economy class. If you don’t want to pay additional fare for business class, you need to buy Gezgin Plus Paketi.

Is food service included?

No. You need to pay for food service while getting your ticket.

How much it costs?

Abonman Paketi, costs 30 one-way ticket in selected route.

Binis Paketi offers you a discount of 20%-40% depending on the number of ride in your package, which must be used within 60 days.

The fare of Gezgin Paketi is not announced officially yet. Here are the expected fares:

Expected Fares of Gezgin Paketi

Full Discounted*
Gezgin Paketi (30 days) 800 TL 640 TL
Gezgin Plus Paketi (30 days) 1120 TL 896 TL

* For passengers under 27 years old

What’s the difference between “Gezgin Paketi” and “TrenTurKartı”?

Tren Tur Karti was like a notebook, must exist in the ticket office. There were different cards for main line/regional trains. Card owners cannot buy their tickets on-line. And every travel must be written on the card. New card is more practical to buy and use, and valid in all trains.

When are TrenKart and packages on sale?

TrenKart, Abonman ve Biniş packages are already on sale.

Gezgin Paketi is ready to use technically, waiting for the approval process, and expected to be on sale soon.

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  1. The proposed prices for the Gezgin Paketi seem reasonable, although somewhat more expensive than the Tren Tur Kart it replaces. It will certainly be much more convenient. I only hope the staff know how to make the system work smoothly.

  2. In high speed trains, tickets are inspected at boarding, you cannot board high-speed train at all without prior tickets.


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