Traveling by Train in Turkey

If you gonna travel within Turkey, most probably you’ll focus on one or both of the two solutions. Either a very fast one by plane, or by bus which can take you almost to anywhere in Turkey.

However, millions of people in Turkey had preferred a third one. In 2012, almost 20 million of people traveled by train in Turkey. That number was 26 million in 2011, some of which had been lost due to closures (all trains departing from Istanbul was the biggest lost).

Although the share is 2% among all domestic modes, the big investment in high speed lines may increase this figure in near future.

On the other hand, even the current lines is ready to take you to anywhere in Turkey with railway connection. Some are really slow, and some can be accepted as “shabby”. But all are ready to offer you a travel fun. You will enjoy the view otherwise impossible to see, can sit in wide seats without looking for an emergency exit, even can sleep on bed in some, eat at a restaurant in some others, and talk for hours with your friends face to face.

Here is the passenger train guide of Turkey for the ones that has not discovered yet:

Schedule High Speed compartment couchette sleeping car restaurant
Adana- Elazig Daily info
Adana- Kayseri Daily info
Adana- Konya 2/day ok ok info
Adana- Mersin 29/day info
Ankara- Adana Daily ok ok ok info
Ankara- Diyarbakir 6/week ok ok ok info
Ankara- Eskisehir 10/day ok info
Ankara- Izmir Daily ok ok info
Ankara- Kars Daily ok ok ok ok info
Ankara- Kirikkale Daily info
Ankara- Konya 8/day ok info
Ankara- Malatya Daily ok ok info
Ankara- Polatli 3/day info
Ankara- Tatvan 2/week ok ok ok info
Diyarbakir- Batman Daily info
Elazig- Tatvan Daily info
Eskisehir- Konya 2/day ok info
Eskisehir- Afyon 3/day info
Havza- Amasya 2/day info
Izmir- Usak 4/day info
Izmir- Balikesir 2/day ok ok info
Izmir- Bandirma 2/day info
Izmir- Denizli 10/day info
Izmir- Konya 2/day ok ok ok info
Izmir- Odemis 11/day info
Konya- Karaman 4/day
Mersin- Islahiye Daily info
Mersin- Iskenderun Daily info
Samsun- Sivas Daily info
Sivas- Erzincan Daily info

Map: Onur Uysal


9 thoughts on “Traveling by Train in Turkey

  1. Dear Turkish Railways,
    I would like to reach Istanbul from Milan (North Italy) by train. Could you please write me the site where I can find the timetables from Beograd to Istanbul ? The Deutsche Bahn site shows trains to Istanbul only via Budapest-Bucarest and this is not the shortest way of an already very long trip.
    Thank you very much and best regards,
    Giuseppe De Salvo

    1. Well, thank you for your naming, but I’m just a railway professional who loves trains.. coming to your question: 2 trains from Europe to Istanbul.. Sofia and Bucharest.. I would suggest coming from Sofia.. But note that a half of the journey will be by bus.. so many closures on way.. I’ll prepare a new post about international trains in Rail Turkey this week..

    1. I have to reach Amman in Jordan from Milan in Italy. Since I love to travel b train, I thought to go to Instanbul by train and from Istanbul to Amman by air plane, because of the war in Syria. It should be the first time that I use the Turkish Railways in 60 years of life. So pratically I never travel via Turkish Railways.
      Giuseppe De Salvo

  2. I renounce to go to Istanbul by train (for this time), because my final destination is Amman, and there are not direct flights from Ankara to Amman; therefore it is helpless to reach Ankara by train and then to go back to Istanbul by plane to take the connection to Amman.
    Thank you for your kind information and I hope that the railways ammodernation works will be completed when I will have to go to Amman again.
    Giuseppe De Salvo

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