94 - Tekirdag - BaloRailway Companies

3rd train by Balo

Balo is adding the third scheduled train per week per direction starting from this week.

The trains will depart from Tekirdag Port, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Balo is using Bandirma and Tekirdag ports as hub, and loading to train at Tekirdag Port. Trains stop in Sopron, Ludwigshafen and Duisburg terminals.

Balo also announced two presentation meetings to be done in Duisburg on 17th of March and in Wien on 19th of March.

Bulent Kosmaz (CEO of Balo) stated at the beginning of 2014 that the frequency will soon be increased to 3 and then 5 trains/week.

First Balo train departed on 8th of September. The trucking is done by Rail Cargo Austria in Europe.

Cover Photo: Balo ©


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