Railway Events

Eurasia “high speed” rail fair

Eurasia Rail was held with almost 300 participants this year.

With the “charming” coming tender of TCDD for 106 new high speed train sets, the high speed train manufacturers had the most “attactive” booths of fair. Technology companies providing mainly for high speed train networks had also charming booths as well.

Another note should be the large booths of Turkish railway infrastructure companies, the leaders of newly growing railway industry in Turkey.

Here are some of the attractive booths from the Eurasia Rail 2014:


The wide range of rolling stock was presented in Alstom’s booth.  A model of Pendolino -now owned and developed by Alstom- was shown in the booth.



Bombardier was there to introduce its railway solutions including high speed train set Zefiro.


CAF had produced all of the 12 running high speed trains in Turkey.


CNR’s booth was like a Chinese railway terminal with lots of train models.



Siemens presented both the Velaro high speed train sets and Vectron loco. A model of new high speed train set of Velaro was presented in booth with its new “public-decided” color.

Siemens Velaro


The Spanish manufacturer Talgo presented its standart and high speed trains.


Durmazlar is the manufacturer of first Turkish tram, Silkworm.

Hyundai Eurotem

Hyundai Eurotem is a joint venture company of Hyundai Rotem and TCDD, producing Marmaray and Izban sets.

Hyundai Eurotem


Huawei, well known in communication industry was there too.

İstanbul Ulaşım

Istanbul Ulasim, affiliate company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, operates all rolling stock in Istanbul. Istanbul Ulasim presented the first 100% produced in Turkey tram.

İstanbul Ulaşım


Metroray is a project company which took part in tram projects of Bursa and Gaziantep.

Niroo Rail

Niroo Rail, one of the biggest private operator of Iran was in fair.


Savronik presented its information technology products for railway transportation.


Skoda, which supplied the trams of Konya was in the fair.



Tuvasas’s DMU set “Anadolu” presented in the fair too.


Vako, the freight wagon manufacturer presents two of the three “real” rolling stocks in fair, the laags-w wagons produced for Medlog.


Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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