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While trucks cross Kapikule, trains arrive at Germany

While trucks departing from Turkey for Europe can cross Kapikule in 98 hours, trains in the same direction arrives at Germany in same time period.

In an article published at dunya.com, it’s written that exports from Turkey to Europe have increased by 22% due to supply problems from China and European companies increasing their stocks, however Turkey-Bulgaria border crossings cannot meet this sharp increase, thus crossing time has reached upto 98 hours.

On the other hand, the container trains departing from Halkali can arrive at Budapest in 3 days and Austria in 4 days. The trains going directly to Germany can even reach to German border in 98 hours.

Trucks were the most affected modal from Covid-19. During this time, sometimes the truck traffic completely stopped in some border gates. In some others, crossing lasted longer due to procedures. The fast increasing demand for exports in September even made things worse at borders.

On the contrary, intermodal is affected positively during this time. Almost contactless crossings at borders, traction of wagons with its own operators in each country provides trains to overcome restrictions of pandemic very easily. With less passenger trains on way, container trains run even faster during this time.

Thus, the demand for intermodal burst. In September, the trains departed from Halkali for Europe almost doubled the volume of same month of previous year. And train operators could hardly meet the demand in spite of this increase.

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  1. Freight train transport is definitely the way to go for multiple reasons. Most road border crossings are so congested and rely on the efficient response from officials, wherein lies many problems. The risk of pilfering and hijacking of trucks is also largely eliminated.( more so in some countries than others).


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