Railway Events

Turkish railways in March

Here’s the upcoming issues about Turkish railways in March:

Eurasia Rail opens its doors

Railway professionals will meet at Istanbul this week. One of the biggest railway fairs of the world, Euraisa Rail will take place on 6-8th of March at Istanbul Expo Center. Because of the huge investment on railway in Turkey, leading railway companies –especially the high speed train producers- would like to stand out in fair.

HST may arrive Istanbul

Another topic in March may be the Istanbul-Ankara high speed train. Line has not been completed yet. But considering the elections, it would be not suprising to see a partial opening this month. If train starts, it will use conventional line for a part of the route.

Opening of Kosekoy-Bilecek stretch

Another “looking forward to” news is the opening of Kosekoy-Bilecek conventional line. As known, line between Asia and Europe is closed due to construction works on this line. Construction is about to finish, but the line will have to be shared with high speed trains, if starts.

Cars on train to Turkey

On February, two logistic companies organized three trains full of “brand-new” cars belong to two automotive companies. It seems that both are happy with the results. It would be not suprising to see more in March.

Truck crisis at Iran border

Turkish trucks, just after having solved the road permission problem with Bulgaria, have faced with two new problems. Strike in Trieste Port and additional truck tax in Iran. The companies that have based their solution only on trucks will not be able to sleep well in these days.

Rail Turkey grew by 15%

Rail Turkey is having records every month. During February, Rail Turkey was visited again 5000+, more than January with a 15% increase in daily averages. But more worthy is that many articles were used as references in railway websites and discussions.

Wish you a pleasent March.


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