Car Carrier of Omsan, Photo: Rail TurkeyRail Freight

New trend in Turkey : Finished vehicle logistics by rail

Turkey welcomes the third train carrying finished vehicles in Februrary.

Omsan Logistics, having an important share in finished vehicle logistics in Turkey, had brought a train full of brand new “Renault”s to Derince.

The equipment in photo is Laaers, double deck car carriers belong to French company Touax. These type wagons have totally 60 mt loading length which enables loading of 12 standard cars. Length is 31 meters, which means 17 wagons of full train is possible in South East Europe.

Trucking till Svilengrad is fully organized by private operators.

Omsan Logistics has the advantage of reloading the wagons on return.

91 - Omsan Otomobil Treni, Foto: Rail Turkey

Omsan car train. Photo: Rail Turkey

Last month, Omsan Logistic had announced the new intermodal solution for finished vehicles to be transported from Romania to Turkey via Constanta, railway + vessel. Omsan Logistics used to do this transport only by trucks before.

The new height limitations and problems with the road permissions given by Bulgaria, railway solution provides flexibility to logistic companies. Private companies start to gain power in Balkans and provide faster service with less problems. Thus, railway is expected to get more share from the other modes in finished vehicle logistics.

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