High speed lines of Turkey – The complete guide

As the social and economical impacts realized, both the demand of people and the promises of politicians for high speed trains become one of the most important discussions of the elections.

On the other hand, high speed trains are long-term and expensive investments. Far more funding than today’s investment budget is needed to complete even the planned ones.

Rail Turkey will keep its eyes on the whole high speed network (completed, under construction, planned or just announced) and will regularly publish developments.

Here is the complete list of all high speed lines of Turkey including just announced ones:

High Speed Lines Map of Turkey

1.Ankara-Istanbul Very High Speed Line (details)
2.Polatli-Konya Very High Speed Line (details)
3.Osmaneli-Bursa-Bandirma High Speed Line (details)
4.Ankara-Sivas Very High Speed Line (details)
5.Polatli-Afyon-Izmir Very High Speed Line (details)
6.Sivas-Erzincan High Speed Line
7.Konya-Karaman High Speed Line
8.Halkali-Kapikule High Speed Line
9.Gebze-Halkali High Speed Line (details)
10.Sincan-Kosekoy Very High Speed Line
11.Bursa-Balikesir-Candarlı High Speed Line
12.Selcuk-Denizli High Speed Line
13.Eskisehir-Burdur-Antalya High Speed Line
14.Delice-Corum-Samsun-Fatsa High Speed Line
15.Yerkoy-Kayseri High Speed Line
16.Antalya-Konya-Nevsehir-Kayseri High Speed Line
17.Sivas-Malatya-Diyarbakir-Mardin High Speed Line
18.Erzincan-Trabzon High Speed Line
19.Erzincan-Kars High Speed Line
20.Karaman-Mersin-Gaziantep-Habur High Speed Line

You will find the whole history starting from the first declarations, last statuses, routes, stops, technical and financial information of the high speed lines in Rail Turkey. Timetables, ridership and rolling stock will also be published for the lines where service started.

Cover Photo: Demühder ©

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3 thoughts on “High speed lines of Turkey – The complete guide

  1. Nice site. Any news on the proposed Delice-Corum-Samsun-Fatsa High Speed Line?

    (posted comment again as had not checked “notify via email” box – I think that should be checked by default – also site is a little slow)

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