290 - Siemens Velaro - DemühderRailway Infrastructure

High speed lines of Turkey – The complete guide

Here is the complete list of all high speed lines of Turkey including the ones currently in use, under construction and planned:

There are two high speed train lines in use and five under construction in Turkey. There are 11 more high speed train lines planned or preliminary analysis continue.

290 - High speed train lines of Turkey - Onur Uysal
High speed train network (current and planned). Map: Onur Uysal

High speed lines in use

1. Ankara-Istanbul (scope, route, statistics and history)
2. Polatli-Konya Very High Speed Line (scope, route, statistics and history)

High speed lines under construction

3. Osmaneli-Bursa-Bandirma High Speed Line (scope, route and history)
4. Ankara-Sivas Very High Speed Line (scope, route and history)
5. Polatli-Afyon-Izmir (scope, route and history)
6. Konya-Karaman (scope, route and history)
7. Mersin-Adana
8. Halkali-Kapikule (scope, route and history)

High speed lines planned

9. Gebze-3.Airport-Halkali (scope, route and history)
10. Karaman-Yenice
11. Adana-Gaziantep
12. Eskisehir-Burdur-Antalya
13. Antalya-Konya-Nevsehir-Kayseri
14. Yerkoy-Corum-Samsun
15. Yerkoy-Kayseri
16. Sivas-Erzincan
17. Sivas-Malatya
18. Sincan-Kosekoy

Cover Photo: Demühder ©

6 replies »

  1. Nice site. Any news on the proposed Delice-Corum-Samsun-Fatsa High Speed Line?

  2. Nice site. Any news on the proposed Delice-Corum-Samsun-Fatsa High Speed Line?

    (posted comment again as had not checked “notify via email” box – I think that should be checked by default – also site is a little slow)

  3. I’ve read that the new fast rail , from samsun to Ankara it’s going to get there in 90 mins . That is amazing, who needs to fly when you can get there in half the time.

    • Great. But has it been officailly approved yet? Can you put a link please.

  4. It is amazing:in lest then 3 hours I’ll be able to arrive from Ankara in Manisa but more then 1 hour from Manisa in Izmir city… fantastic by rail…


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