Railway Infrastructure

Halkali Kapikule high speed line

A new double track line is being constructed as an alternate to the single-track line connecting Istanbul to Europe since 1888.

Enriched on 13.02.2021 with up-to-date information

The new 229-km-long, double track, electrified and signalized line is being constructed between Istanbul and Kapikule.

Halkali-Kapikule high speed line

Meets old track at 5 stations

The new line will go along current line until Ispartakule. Marmaray suburban trains may use this line until Ispartakule in the future.

The next station is Cerkezkoy. After that, it’ll follow a more straight route in north of old line and pass through Buyukkaristiran, Luleburgaz, Babaeski and Havsa stations. The line will meet old line at Edirne and will follow it until Kapikule.

Halkali-Kapikule high speed line route

Travel time is 1.5 hrs

Trains will run with a speed upto 200 km/h. The passenger trains on old route was completing the same route in 4 hours with all seats full. On new line, travel time will drop to 1.5 hours. International passenger trains to Europe will also use this new railway. With faster and more frequent services, the ridership of this line is expected to increase by 4 times.

Freight trains will also use

The current line is the only rail connection to Europe. Over 30 freight trains depart every week. The new line will be used also by freight trains which will mean a great increase in capacity and shorter transit time. On new line, the travel time will go down from 6.5 hours to 2.5 hrs. With these advantages, the annual volume is expected to increase by 5 times.

Works started at Cerkezköy Kapikule section

The railway is being constructed in two phases. First phase is Cerkezkoy-Kapikule where EU fund is provided. Gulermak-Alsim Alarko consortium was awarded for this phase. Engineering works started in May 2019 and is expected to be commissioned in 3.5 years.

Cover photo: Gültaş ©

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