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Bursa Osmaneli high speed line

The scope, rotue, stops, phases and history of Bursa-Osmaneli high speed train line which is under construction:

Project overview

  • Owner: Turkish State Railways
  • Project cost: TL 6 bn
  • Contractor: Cengiz (Bursa-Yenisehir section – groundworks)
  • Target commission date: 2021


  • Osmaneli-Yenisehir (50 km): Tender process started.
  • Yenisehir-Golbasi-Bursa (56 km): Construction works continue.
  • Bursa-Bandirma (93 km): Preliminary analysis not done yet.


Bursa-Osmaneli Hızlı Tren Hattı
Bursa-Osmaneli high speed line route


Osmaneli (connection to İstanbul-Ankara and İstanbul-Konya trains) – Yenisehir airport – Balat, Bursa

Project details

The double-lane, electrified high speed line (max 200 km/h of speed) starting from Bursa and connects to Istanbul-Ankara very high speed line through Yenice. The line will also allow freight trains. Hence, one of the leading industrial zones of Turkey, Bursa, will be connected by rail.

  • Line length: 95 km
  • Travel time: Ankara-Bursa: 130 İstanbul-Bursa: 135 min

Cover photo: Bursa Büyükşehir Belediyesi ©

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