289 - İstanbul Ankara hızlı tren hattı - Dusko Djuric

Ankara-Istanbul very high speed line

The scope, route, stops, connections, statistics, targets and history of Ankara-Istanbul very high speed line, some phases of which was commissioned and others under construction:

Project details

Owner: Turkish State Railways
Project cost: TL 9.9 bn

Commission date: 13 Mart 2009 (Ankara-Eskişehir), 25 Temmuz 2014 (Eskişehir-İstanbul)


Ankara-Eskişehir (commissioned in 2009)
Eskişehir-Bozüyük (commissioned in 2014)
Bozüyük-Köseköy (under construction, opened using conventional line in some parts in 2014)
Köseköy-Gebze (signalization works continue, opened in 2014)
Gebze-Pendik (3rd line is under construction for Marmaray, opened in 2014)


Ankara İstanbul Hızlı Tren Haritası

Project details

The very high speed line connecting Istanbul to Ankara via Eskisehir. The very high speed line is being constructed from Ankara to Gebze. From Gebze to Haydarpasa, HSTs will use conventional line of Marmaray project. Currently HST service is running between Pendik and Ankara, using conventional line and temporary connections in some parts.

Line length: 533 km
Travel time: 180 min


Ankara – Sincan – Polatlı – Eskişehir – Bozüyük – Bilecik – Arifiye – İzmit – Gebze – Pendik


9 million passengers annually

Rolling Stock

CAF train sets (HT65000, max speed 250 km/h, 6 cars, 413 seats, based on Renfe Class 120)

  • 2009: 0.94 mn
  • 2010: 1.89 mn
  • 2011: 2.15 mn
  • 2012: 1.98 mn
  • 2013: 2.26 mn
  • 2014: 2.92 mn
  • 2015: 3.24 mn
  • 2016: 3.44 mn
  • 5th December 2003: Construction works started in first phase (Ankara-Eskisehir).
  • 13th March 2009: Ankara-Eskisehir section opened, construction works started in second phase (Eskisehir-Istanbul).
  • 13th November 2009: One HST set derailed while switching to conventional line near Eskisehir.
  • August 2013: Due to geological problems at 26th tunnel, that part is decided to bypass by a sidepass temporarily.
  • 17th May 2014: Underpass in Eskisehir opened.
  • 25th July 2014: Eskisehir-Istanbul (Pendik) section opened.

Cover Photo: Dusko Djuric ©

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.


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