289 - İstanbul Ankara hızlı tren hattı - Dusko DjuricRailway Infrastructure

Ankara Istanbul very high speed line

The scope, route, stops, connections, statistics, targets and history of Ankara-Istanbul very high speed line, some phases of which was commissioned and others under construction:

Project overview

Owner: Turkish State Railways
Project cost: TL 9.9 bn

Commission date:

  • 13th Mar 2009 (Ankara-Eskişehir)
  • 25th July 2014 (Eskişehir-İstanbul)
  • Ankara-Eskişehir (commissioned in 2009)
  • Eskişehir-Bozüyük (commissioned in 2014)
  • Bozüyük-Köseköy (under construction, opened using conventional line in some parts in 2014)
  • Köseköy-Gebze (signalization works continue, opened in 2014)
  • Gebze-Pendik (3rd line is under construction for Marmaray, opened in 2014)

Cover Photo: Dusko Djuric ©

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  1. “03.03.2009 – Ankara-Eskisehir section opened”
    Actually it was on March 13th, 2009.

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