Urban Transport

Konya started testing new tram line

Construction works completed and tests started in the new tram line in Konya between Alaaddin and Adliye.

The new Alaaddin-Adliye tram line is 6 km long. Trams will run through the old city withour catenary.

Skoda’s Forcity Classic 28T trams will be used in this new line. The trams are using standard track gauge (1435mm), have a max speed of 70 km/h. 32.52m long and 2.55m wide tram can carry up to 364 passengers (56 seats).

Tram has a livery inspired by some motives of Islamic architecture.

Skoda was awarded a total contract of 72 trams for Konya Municipality in 2012. 12 of them will be catfree.

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