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Ankara-Izmir very high speed line

The scope, route, stops, phases, targets and history of Ankara-Izmit very high speed line under construction:

Project details

Owner: Turkish State Railways
Project cost: TL 4.5 bn
Contractor: Sigma-YDA-Makimsan-Burkay (Yenice-Afyonkarahisar), Tekfen-Doğuş (Afyonkarahisar-Banaz)
Target commission date: 2019

  • 1st phase: Yenice-Afyonkarahisar
  • 2nd phase: Afyonkarahisar-Banaz
  • 3rd phase: Banaz-Eşme
  • 4th phase: Eşme-Salihli
  • 5th phase: Salihli-Manisa

Ankara İzir hızlı tren hattı güzergahı - TCDD

Project details

The line starts from Yenice on Polatli-Konya HST line. Only passenger trains will run upto 250 km/h on this double-lane, electrified rail. High speed trains will use conventional line between Manisa and Izmir.

Line length: 570 km
Travel time: Ankara-İzmir: 210 – Ankara-Afyon: 90 min


Polatlı – Afyonkarahisar – Uşak – Salihli – Turgutlu – Manisa


6 million passengers annually

  • 2007 – Added to investment plans
  • 28 December 2011 – Tender for Polatli-Afyonkarahisar section opened. Sigma-YDA-Makimsan-Burkay consortium was awarded. Offer was TL 714 mn. Contract period 1080 days.
  • 23 February 2012 – Tumas was awarded for preliminary analysis tender for Afyon-Esme section. Contract period 3 months.
  • 25 February 2013 – Protek and Megawas consortium was awarded for preliminary analysis tender for Salihli-Manisa section.
  • 8 March 2013 – SWS was awarded for preliminary analysis tender for Esme-Salihli section.
  • 21 September 2013 – Kick off ceremony of engineering works of Polatli-Afyonkarahisar section.
  • May 2016 – Tekfen-Dogus consortium was awarded for engineering works of Afyonkarahisar-Banaz section and Afyonkarahisar pass. Offer was TL 879 mn. Contract period 36 months.
  • 29 August 2016 – It’s stated that, construction works continue on 132-km of 162-km-long Polatli-Afyon section. Compulsory purchase started on the rest of 30-km section. A completion rate of 26% is achieved until now on Polatli-Afyon section. Commisionning of this section is planned in 2018.
  • January 2017 – 40% of works completed on Polatlı-Afyonkarahisar rail stretch.

Cover Photo: TCDD ©

Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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