Rail Industry

Otokar unveiled cranable frigo semi trailer

Otokar unveiled its cranable frigo semi trailer “Iceliner” in Comvex Istanbul 2016.

562 - Otokar Iceliner

Otokar Iceliner

Otokar’s new semi trailer is designed to be used in semi trailer trains, which has developed very fast in last years and got an important share from Turkey-Europe freight traffic.

The semi trailer has Code XL and Huckepack certifications. There are two loading equipments in each side in UIC595-6 and EN 130044 standards. Semi tariler can be carried by pocket wagons (P400 CODE e/f/g/i).

Otokar’s frigo cranable semi trailer Huckepack Icelines has also EN 12642 CODE XL safety and ATP/HACCP hygien certificates.


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