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Turkish exports get on train at Trieste

While modal share of railway remains 4% from for a long time in Turkey, a quite revolution happens in a place where statistics could not realize: Trieste.

Trieste, a port in Italy, which has been the leading departure terminal in Europe for ro-ro connected logistics from Turkey, it has also become the main terminal from fast-emerging “intermodal” transport as well.

The semi-trailers and containers, carried by ro-ro services from various ports in Turkey, are loaded onto trains at Trieste and distributed to several terminals all over Europe. The total number of trains carrying also the Turkish exports at Trieste is over 60 trains every week, which means more than 1800 semi-trailers and containers in one direction.

Change is such effective that, companies get on trains move top on the “international transport between Turkey and Europe” list which used to remain same for years.

The ro-ro company U.N. Ro-Ro which has been giving service on this line has started operating its own trains from/to Trieste.

The first Turkish company to operate its own trains from Trieste, Ekol Logistics, has started operating its own ro-ro service to Trieste.

Here is the full list of container/semi-trailer trains from Trieste:

488 - Trieste trains

Cover Photo: Samer ©


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