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When will first private train depart?

Turkish Government is planning to complete the reorganization of TCDD and liberalization of railway transportation.

As announced in the 2016 Action Plan, Turkish Government set the deadline as 21st of June for the reorganization of TCDD and liberalization of railway transportation. Does that mean, we can see first private train by 22nd of June?

Before answering this question, let’s see the “must-have-done” list before first private train departs.

  • Splitting of TCDD as railway operator and train operator must be completed.
  • The legislation explaining the process and terms of getting licenses for train operators must be published.
  • The organization and procedure for traffic management with various train operators must be set, educations must be completed.
  • Private train operators must be founded, they must complete their organizations.
  • Private train operators must supply the rolling stock, registration of them must be completed.
  • Network manifest, which includes all details about rail tracks, their capacities and access fees must be published.
  • TCDD Tasimacilik AS and private operators has to compete for train slots in requested tracks.

The Government, most probably, has the target to complete first two steps until 21st of this June, which will mean, liberalization will be ready legally.

However, the first loco needs following five more steps before running on Turkish rail network. If TCDD can complete the network manifest until 21st of June, we may expect the first loco to run on Turkish rail network in 2017.

Cover Photo: ECS ©


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