Rolling Stock

Deadline for registration of wagons

Deadline for registration of wagons is 1 March 2016.

TCDD announced that the rail cars which are not registered will not be allowed to run on Turkish rail network beginning with 1st March 2016.

According to legislation about Registration of Rail Cars published on 16th of March 2015, all rail cars have to be registered to run on national rail network. New rail cars should meet technical specifications for interoperability (TSI) to be registered.

The rail cars which started to run on Turkish rail network, the wagons started to be produced or imported before the publish date of legislation are exempt from TSI. But ECM should be assigned to these wagons as well. As a part of ECM rules, all maintanance and repairs should be done by authorized companies which have “maintanance functions certificate”.

Currently, there is only one ECM in Turkey (TCDD) and three companies with maintanance functions certificate (Acarlar, Rayvag, Vako).

The companies should pay below fees for the registration of their rolling stock:

Train Set TL 25k
Locomotive TL 5k
Passenger/freight wagon TL 500

The wagons having TEN/RIV/RIC/RID signs which run in Turkey for once in a year for less than 3 months or which are used for international transport do not need to be registered.


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