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Liberalization of Turkish railways – How companies use rail network?

After liberalization, train operators will have to set the train lines from the beginning to be valid for whole year. That will be both the right and responsibility of each operator.

Although a similar procedure exists now, TCDD can act flexible since both trains and infrastructure belongs to itself.

After liberalization, the procedure to determine access to railway network is expected to be as follows:

  • Every year, infrastructure operators (TCDD for now) will present the network manifesto to DDGM. This manifesto includes the technical spects of the infrastructure, network access fees, the rules train operators have to follow, restrictions and procedures in case of maintenance, congestion, closure etc.
  • As DDGM approves the network manifesto(s), all will be published at internet open to public.
  • Within 4 months train operators will apply to infrastructure operators with their requests for that period. That should be 12 months before the date new tariff will be valid from.
  • Within 1 month, infrastructure operator will set draft train slots for international traffic in cooperation with other infrastructure operators.
  • Within 4 months after train operators’ applications, infrastructure operator announces the draft tariff.
  • Within 1 month after announcement, train operators should give their proposals about draft.
  • If there is any disagreement between infrastructure and train operators, that should first try to be solved by negotiation. Railway Authority (DDGM) will be the address if agreement continues.
  • If all requests of train operators cannot be met, “congestion” will be announced for related section. Infrastructure operator should do a complete capacity analysis, should take precautions, apply surcharges and follow the priority rules for meeting the request written in network manifesto.
  • The new tariff will be valid on every December, in the same date.
  • Partial updates may be applied in every June.
  • For the irregular requests during year, infrastructure operator should answer in 5 days.

Since it will be hard for train operators to move out of tariffs, it will be not suprising to have much better punctuality both for freight and passenger trains. There will be penalties for operators not follow tariffs as well as compensation for operators which suffer from these delays.

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