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Liberalization of Turkish railways – Infrastructure fees

By liberalization of railways, there’ll be new cost items in railway transportation:

Infrastructure Access Fees

Fees for usage of railway lines, crossings and operational information like signalling. Infrastructure operator has to set the fees for everyone with the same terms. Categorization of lines and different pricing based on this categorization is possible. Investments for increasing performance or decreasing expenses can be charged to train operators provided that announced 3 months before. Discounts can be done to increase capacity usage. Discounts can be done for companies which guarantee high volumes (to-km) or causing less harm to infrastructure, provided that those applied to all companies with same terms.

Additional Services

Infrastructure operator should provide electricity for traction, give dangerous goods and special transport inspection services when possible. These services will be charged additionally.

Usage of Service Areas

Usage of passenger stations, freight terminals, shunting and marshaling yards, maintenance works, ports, unloading facilities, fuel stations and parking lines. These services can be given by infrastructure operators as well as alternative operators. If alternatives exist, infrastructure operator can refuse to give service.

Auxiliary Services

Access to communication network, technical inspection of rolling stock, ticket offices, heavy maintenance. These services can be given by authorized operators. Infrastructure operator has no obligation to give these services.

Railway Authority (DDGM) may announce min/max limits for all of these fees for a determined time of period due to the facts like lack of competence or results against economy or public interest.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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