177 - TCDD loco and EMU - OnurRolling Stock

Liberalization of Turkish railways – Rolling stock

There are a number of new regulations from which all rolling stock to run on Turkish rail network will be affected.

All rolling stock either produced in Turkey or imported or rented to run on national rail network will be registered by DDGM.

Some exceptions are planned like short-term rentals and international transports. But freight wagons will need ECM certification in any case.

Notified Bodies (NoBo) will do certification for UTP/TSI criterias, Designated Bodies (DeBo) for national criterias and Independent Safety Assessors (ISA) for safety criterias.

Registration of rolling stock will be done by ECM information, rental contract (if any), information and contract about parking line, certificates and reports of NoBo and DeBo (including Turkish translations) and information about NoBo and DeBo. Registration should be completed in determined time of period by DDGM if there’s no missing document.

A simplified registration procedure will be applied for current rolling stock. In any case, freight wagons should complete ECM certification.

DDGM will keep the records of each rolling stock in detail, including owner, user, production date, restrictions and ECM information.

Cover Photo: Onur Uysal ©


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