Railway Infrastructure

Trains to Nusaybin stopped

Due to the situation on Syian border, railway transport on Gaziantep-Nusaybin line had stopped since the end of September 2014.

This 381 km line between Cobanbey and Nusaybin determines the Syrian-Turkish border as well. The south part of the line is Syria where agricultural activities sometimes even reach next to railway line.

Mr Ibrahim Temizsoy, the Southeast Logistics Manager of Rinak, having worked as TCDD Traffic manager in the region, stated that it’s now very unsafe to run trains on that line. Thus, TCDD cancelled the railway service between Karkamis and Nusaybin which used to be done every day in both directions.

On this line, trains were running for transports to Mardin and Nusaybin. Nusaybin was an important terminal for loads to Iraq, to be transhipped from wagons to trucks.

In previous years, railway got an important share for transports to Iraq and Syria. Total rail transport to Middle East was more than 1 million tonnes in 2008. The volume had decreased to 159k to last year.

The line is not expected to open until the conflict in region is solved.


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