Liberalization of Turkish railways – efficiency

Encountering massive (and sometimes unfair) competition of trucks especially in Turkey, Railway Authority of Turkey is willing to encourage operators for efficiency by some regulations:

The technical structure and capacity of railway infrastructure will be transparent to everyone in internet. Access to information will be easy and guaranteed.

Railway access fees can be arranged to support efficiency of train operators. Currently same price is applied equally to all regular/irregular, long-term/short-term transports.

All infrastructure services will be charged separately. Although there’s a fear that costs will increase, if applied correctly, efficient usage of infrastructure will provide save in costs.

Usage of intensive lines may be regulated by surcharges where low-used lines may be encouraged by discounts.

Discounts will be applied for high to-km transports. Railway may gain new projects with high volume in long distances.

Discounts for new technologies which give less harm to infrastructure. This will encourage usage of new technologies.

Penalties for operators causing delays in network. Trains will be forced to follow timetables.

Compensation for loses due to delays. Forwarders/operators may charge their liabilities to clients.

Rewards for operators with high-performance.

Railway access fee projections for 5 years in network manifestos and long-term contracts will enable long-term plans about railway transportation.

Demand over capacity must be answered with capacity analyze report and precautions in 6 months by infrastructure operator.

All closures due to maintenance and repair works on infrastructure must be announced in advance in network manifesto. Thus, all train operators will know all planned works 16 months before.

Train operators have the right to claim for loses due to regulations of infrastructure operators. Railway Authority has to finalize each in 6 weeks.

Cover Photo: Hoo_Nose_68 ©

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