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Liberalization of Turkish railways – Efficiency

Encountering massive (and sometimes unfair) competition of trucks especially in Turkey, Railway Authority of Turkey is willing to encourage operators for efficiency by some regulations:

  • The technical structure and capacity of railway infrastructure will be transparent to everyone in internet. Access to information will be easy and guaranteed.
  • Railway access fees can be arranged to support efficiency of train operators. Currently same price is applied equally to all regular/irregular, long-term/short-term transports.
  • All infrastructure services will be charged separately. Although there’s a fear that costs will increase, if applied correctly, efficient usage of infrastructure will provide save in costs.
  • Usage of intensive lines may be regulated by surcharges where low-used lines may be encouraged by discounts.
  • Discounts will be applied for high to-km transports. Railway may gain new projects with high volume in long distances.
  • Discounts for new technologies which give less harm to infrastructure. This will encourage usage of new technologies.
  • Penalties for operators causing delays in network. Trains will be forced to follow timetables.
  • Compensation for loses due to delays. Forwarders/operators may charge their liabilities to clients.
  • Rewards for operators with high-performance.
  • Railway access fee projections for 5 years in network manifestos and long-term contracts will enable long-term plans about railway transportation.
  • Demand over capacity must be answered with capacity analyze report and precautions in 6 months by infrastructure operator.
  • All closures due to maintenance and repair works on infrastructure must be announced in advance in network manifesto. Thus, all train operators will know all planned works 16 months before.
  • Train operators have the right to claim for loses due to regulations of infrastructure operators. Railway Authority has to finalize each in 6 weeks.

Cover Photo: Hoo_Nose_68 ©


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