Siemens Vectron is Now Registered in Turkey: E87000

Siemens’s new generation locomotive Vectron is approved by Turkish Railways.

Siemens’s Vectron locomotive, called as E87000 by TCDD expressing its engine power (8700 HP), has been tested for more than one year, and finally approved on 07.11.2014 in Eskisehir.

It’s stated by TCDD that the locomotive meets the requirements in Turkey with its signalling system and the high engine power.

Vectron is the successor of Eurosprinter/Eurorunner which had been produced more than 2000 by Siemens.

It has Diesel, AC, DC and MultiSystem versions, as well as various power options, 2000-2400 kW for diesel engines, and 5200-6400 kW for others. Axle arrangement is Bo’ Bo’ for all. Weight is 80-87 to. Max speed is 160-200 km/h. MultiSystem Vectron is capable to run on various AC and DC power systems.

One important feature is the last-mile module which enables AC/DC Vectron to run on lines without electric wires. This especially provides Vectron to make shuntings within terminal when needed.

The Vectron has already been authorized in all countries on way between Turkey and Germany except Bulgaria. Authorization for Bulgaria is expected to complete by 2015.

Vectron is successfully running on a 11 ‰ gradient stretch without sanding with 1350 to.

Another feature of Vectron is that, in case of a failure in traction, only one axle fails, and other runs without any loss. It’s more common in previous systems that complete bogie cut out in such cases. That is also TCDD requests as a must for its new built E68000 locomotives.

See more details about Vectron at press release of Siemens.

Vectron Loco in Turkey
Vectron Loco in Turkey. Photo: Rail Turkey


Written by Onur Uysal

Railway consultant. Owner of RT Media & Consultancy. Founder and editor of Rail Turkey.

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