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  1. Hello, I bought two tickets online through the website, I received the tickets in pdf format along with the QR code by email.
    Please let me know if I have to pick up the tickets at the station, or can I just print them from the email I received?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Thank you for your reply, if I have not misunderstood you, when the railway officials ask me for the ticket, is it enough to present the tickets by phone in pdf format that were sent to me by email?

  2. Hello, can anyone tell that are there train networks functional nowadays from Istanbul to Moscow now a days, provided the given situation and Russian relation with the west?

    • There’s only one international train service from Turkey: Istanbul-Sofia. Train to Moscow was running in very old times.

  3. Is the Güney Kurtalan Ekspresi still operating with Sleeper Cars? I can only see sleepers until October 17th. After that the train only shows Pullman and 4-person compartments.

    • Yo have right. Nothing announced so far. Same with Vangolu Express. It may be preparation for starting touristic trains on those routes. In Dogu Express, as touristic started, the sleepers in classic were cancelled. Or since winter is coming, sleepers may start to be sold only via touristic agencies. As soon as we learned what’s going on, we’ll publish it at Rail Turkey.

  4. Do you need to present your passport to get on a train from Istanbul to Eskisehir?

  5. A friend in Turkey has bought me a return ticket from Istanbul to Eskishir. All details are correct except for my date of birth which she got wrong. Obviously I will have my passport with me. Will my ticket be valid?

    • Railway operators meet annually to determine international schedules. That date must be given upon that. There may be a change on timetable by December, but not any plan to stop the service has been announced so for.

  6. Hello! We are traveling with our dog. Our dog is a large breed, but calm and non-aggressive. Is it allowed to travel on trains with a dog? What are the rules for this? We are interested in the Istanbul-Eskisehir route.

  7. Hi, I’m about to buy a ticket for fast train from ankara to istanbul but I can’t bring my passport on the day of travel, can I bring a copy/scan/picture of my passport with me for the check in? thank you

  8. Hello, The Dogu Touristic Espressi train page states that it will operate from December 2022 to March 2023. Does this mean that it will not operate after March in 2023? Thank you

  9. Thank you. Is the classic Dogu very busy in May? I was thinking of asking an authorised travel agent to reserve tickets for me. Is there a travel agent that specialises in Dogu Express?

    • My apologies – I am confused. I see another comment which says it runs all year long:

      27 Mar 22 at 23:47
      Hi there, do you know whether the touristic Dogu express is available all year around? I don’t see any options for April and may. Thank you!
      Onur Uysal
      27 Mar 22 at 23:54
      Hi. Yes it’s available all year long, but tickets are on sale 30 days prior to departure.

      Can you please confirm if the Touristic Dogu will be available in May 2022? Thank you.

  10. With regard to your reply to Yvonne, can you tell us on which dates “Official Winter” starts and finishes for the Touristic Dogu Express, please?

  11. Hello, I’m planning to travel (one way) down to Isparta from Istanbul.

    Can you advise me on which routes I should be taking? The TCDD ticketing website is a bit too complex to navigate!

    • There are 2 only-by-train options: Istanbul to Eskisehir early in the morning by HST. To Denizli by Pamukkale Express. Have a lunch at Denizli and wait at station till very early morning. Take Goller Express. 2nd option is take Ege Express to Izmir at Eskisehir. Then take Goller at Izmir. 2nd option seems easier due to perfect timing and no waiting, but any delay of Ege may cause 24 hour delay. Well Izmir is a nice city to spend some time though.

  12. Hello. We are trying to purchase tickets for the Dogu express. Do you know when tickets for the last week in December will become available? We are looking to book for the 29th December but as you mentioned tickets become available a month in advance, we are concerned when we checked 23,24,25 December it returns there is “no trip in accordance with your request “. Can you kindly guide us with the best way to secure tickets for the 29 December- Kars to Ankara. We are traveling all the way from South Africa and would really not want to miss out on this experience. Your assistance will be appreciated.


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