Questions from travelers

It’s not easy to reach to information about trains in Turkey, especially in English. 

Thus we’d like to help you, and do our best to answer your questions.

Please keep in mind that we are not a call center working for TCDD Tasimacilik or any other operator, and we cannot help you for ticketing or reservation problems.

You can write your question at the bottom of this page, in “questions/comments” box.

Please check “train and travel details”, “tickets and reservation”, related train or station before submitting your question. 

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  1. Hello, 2 questions:
    1. Where can I buy a ticket from Istanbul to Sofia, is there any international ticket office in central Istanbul? Or I have to buy it at Halkali?

    2. What’s your recommendation to go from central Istanbul to Halkali station?

    Thanks very much.


  2. Hello,

    You have a very useful and informative website.

    I just have one question – does Nazilli train station have a left luggage facility? I want to take the train from Selcuk to Nazilli and than go to Aphrodisias. When I’m done, I want to take the train to Denizli. The only problem is that I need to leave my luggage in Nazilli, hence the question.




    • Hi Keith. Many thanks. I tried to get in contact, but as usual, noone answered phone. Luggage storage not very common in train stations, especially in small ones. If you cannot find in station, I’d suggest going to main bus station (otogar in Turkish), which is 850 mt away, and ask there. It’s called “emanet” in Turkish. It’s mainly a room with a staff, Try to keep your valuable things with you. And do not forget to give feedback about your experience. Enjoy your trip.


  3. HI i would like to ask in possible to send my motorcycle from mersine or tasucu or konya to istanbul or izmir or Edrine. as i dont want to drive in turkey? possible? if i need to send my motorcycle to europe possible? is it possible also to travel with the motorcycle?


  4. Is it possible to take bicycles in the train between Tehran/Tabriz and Van, then further on to Ankara and Istanbul? If yes, how is it possible to get tickets?


    • Except foldable ones, bicycles are only allowed if train has separete luggage wagon. And luggage wagon is not common. Van-Tabriz train tickets are on sale at departure/arrival stations. Tatvan-Ankara train tickets are on sale both on internet and stations. See more details at related train pages at Rail Turkey.


  5. Hello dear . I whant to travel to Hamburg from istanbul by train. Please can you tell me which way is better to me…
    Best Regards


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