Details of Karaman line become clear

After ceremony for commissioning of Konya-Karaman HST line, further details have become clear.

3 daily HST services to Karaman

As line opens for HSTs, two Ankara-Konya and one Istanbul-Konya HST services started to continue until Karaman. 3 trains also run in opposite direction. Departure times are as follows:

İstanbul (S.Çeşme)-Karaman08:1514:15
HSTs arriving at Karaman
Karaman-İstanbul (S.Çeşme)15:4521:43
HSTs departing from Karaman

Ankara Konya Karaman HST details and detailed timetable

İstanbul Konya Karaman HST details and detailed timetable

Konya-Karaman in 50 minutes

Konya-Karaman line was build for a speed of 200 km/h. 102 km-long line was planned to be completed in 35 minutes. Yesterday, 40 minutes of travel time was stated in ceremony. Now, in TCDDT system, travel time appears as 50 minutes.

Ankara-Karaman HSTs have a travel time of 2:50 hours where Istanbul-Karaman has 6:00.

Trains again at Cumra

There are four stations between Konya and Karaman. HSTs will call at only one station: Cumra. Cumra is 12 km away from Catalhoyuk ruins which was built 9000 years ago.

Toros surprise

As line opens for HSTs, a suspended main line train also started service: Toros Express. The train is a daily service between Adana and Konya. Travel time is 6:30 hours. Toros Express is the only train calling at all four stations between Konya and Karaman.

Toros Express train details and detailed timetable

Free for 1 week

Konya-Karaman is announced to be free of charge for 1 week. Passengers will pay 52.5 TL for Ankara-Karaman and 143.5 TL for Istanbul (S.Cesme)-Karaman, no fare for Konya-Karaman.

Regional service continues

Konya-Karaman regional train continues its service with 4 departures per day in each direction. Thus, passengers can use HSTs that ending service at Konya together with regional trains for Karaman. Service is currently being given by DMUs. As Turasas’ new electric sets enters TCDDT fleet, EMUs are expected to be used on this line in the future.

Cover photo: TCDD Taşımacılık ©

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  1. “Regional service departs once”

    TCDD has further amended the service since introduction, adding more departures:.
    Konya to Karaman departure times are:
    15:15 (Toros Express)

    Karaman to Konya departure times are:
    12:59 (Toros Express)

    The local services call at Arıkören, Çumra, and Kaşınhan. The Toros Express calls at these three and additionally at Demiryurt, the only train to do so each day. (Strange that the long-distance “fast” train makes more stops than the regional service).

    • You have right. I realized that I refered to wrong source of TCDDT. I’ll update pages accordingly. Many thanks. Main lines are seen as transport solution for all on route rather than a fast solution between two cities. On the contrary, regional trains with several departures are one of the main transport modals, thus speed is more important. I guess this is the main reason, which makes sense in my opinion, though seems awkward.


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