Van Tabriz train

Route map, train timetable, main stations and ticket options of international train running between Van and Tabriz:

Train service restartad as of 18th of June, 2018.

Van Tabriz train travel info

  • Which operator operates the train? TCDD Taşımacılık, RAI
  • What kind of a train I’m going to travel with? TCDD and RAI locos hauled passenger coaches
  • What travel options I have? Couchette (6 seats/berths)
  • Any food/drink available in train? No meal service nor snack bar
  • How far is it from Van to Tabriz? 332 km
  • How long it takes from Van to Tabriz? 7:30-9:30 hours
  • How can I buy the ticket? Only at stations where international ticket desk exists
  • Can I buy ticket online? No online ticket sales
  • When can I buy the ticket? 60 days prior to departure

Route map of Van Tabriz train

* Based on route data provided by EcoTransITWorld. There may be some changes on route.

Main stations Van Tabriz train calls

Van Tabriz train timetable

Train departure days: Weekly (Monday from Tabriz, Tuesday from Van)

Van Tabriz train timetable
Van Tabriz train timetable

* As of 12/2018. Please click for official timetable.

Ticket fares of Van Tabriz train

Ticket fares for Van Tabriz train-Uluslararası route*:

  • Couchette: 12.3 €/person

* Fares are as of 12/2018 based on information at official websites.

More to know

  • Border crossing at Kapikoy/Razi
  • For details and tickets of connected train services via Tabriz, visit

Some information may vary. For official information, please visit TCDD Taşımacılık, RAI. Please read our disclaimer.