Service disruptions

The passenger services/routes that are effected due to renewal works etc are as follows (as of September 2018):

TCDD Service Disruptions
Service disruptions 2018
  1. No train/suburban service in European side of Istanbul. Halkalı is currently first station for westbound train services. Expected commission date: Jan 2019.
  2. No train/suburban service in Asian side of Istanbul. Pendik is currently first station for eastbound train services. 
    Expected commission date: Jan 2019.
  3. No passenger train service between Karabuk-Irmak. Trains run between Zonguldak-Karabuk only.
  4. No train service between Samsun-Kalin due to engineering works. 
    Expected commission date: Jan 2019. 
  5. No train service available towards east of Baspinar. Suburban train works between Baspinar and Oduncular (Gaziray). Security problems after Nizip.
  6. Train service to Iran started. As of Sep 2018, Van-Tabriz trains are running. Transasia (Ankara-Tehran) train service has not started yet.
  7. Baskentray project commissioned. Passenger trains now depart from central Ankara train station.