Service disruptions

The passenger services/routes that are effected due to renewal works etc are as follows (as of December 2020):

All international, main line and regional trains are suspended due to Covid-19.

Currently only high speed trains are running on routes Istanbul-Eskisehir-Ankara, Istanbul-Eskisehir-Konya and Ankara-Polatli-Konya.

Samsun-Kalin railway is commissioned after kept close for 5 years. Passenger trains will start after Covid-19.

After several years, Transasia started in 2019 between Ankara and Tehran. It’s expected to start right after Covid-19.

Gaziantep is closed for train traffic due to Gaziray project works.

Gaziantep, Gaziray çalışmaları nedeniyle tren trafiğine kapalı.